Nissan Lease Option in Queens, NY

As your lease comes to an end, it can sometimes be a confusing time. That's what we are here for. There is no reason to add more stress to your already busy life. Let us help you.

First let's look at your options. You can:

  1. Lease or Purchase a brand new vehicle.
  2. Purchase a pre-owned vehicle.
  3. Purchase your current leased vehicle.
  4. Return your leased vehicle.

Whichever option you choose, we can answer all of your questions and assist you in any way needed. Here is a timeline that should help you:

Time Remaining on Lease

6 Months

This is the time that people normally say, "I'll just wait." This could be a mistake. You may actually have equity in your current lease. You may be able to get a brand new vehicle 6 months early!! You want to consider your options. It's the most opportune time because you're not under any sort of time constraint to make a decision quickly.

3 Months

Now the time is getting closer. If you have not explored your options, this is the time you must start. A good portion of the time, the dealer is able to get the customer out of their lease and into a brand new vehicle at this stage. Again, you are in the drivers' seat here. You still have a good amount of time to make a well informed decision.

1 Month


Now time is definitely running short. Call the dealership to set up an appointment with our highly trained lease-end specialist. The first step may be to get a vehicle inspection report. This is done to protect you. A leased vehicle is only allowed a certain amount of "wear and tear" and that is determined by the bank. Upon receiving your phone call, the bank will send a certified inspector to inspect the condition of the vehicle. When the inspection is completed, the inspector will hand you your "inspection report."

*Alternate Option*

If you still can't decide and your lease is due, there is no need to worry, we have a Rental Department On-Site stocked with brand new Nissans!! Return your vehicle and take an extended test drive!!

Feel free to contact us at any time during these final months to help you determine what may be your best option. Our contact information is listed below:


Randy Lacher
Lease-End Specialist
877-505-6334 ext.308

Rohanie Mussaleen
Rental Specialist
877-505-6334 ext. 391


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