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Nissan One to One Rewards

Long Island Nissan Dealer

One to One Rewards | Nissan Dealer New York

Maintenance is a fact of life in the ownership of any vehicle. And while the expert work of our certified Nissan technicians is a gift unto itself, Nissan knows the value in giving back to the consumer. As an official Nissan Dealership, Koeppel Nissan is proud to offer our loyal customers Nissan's groundbreaking One to One program. Membership is complimentary for...

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The 2014 Nissan 370z

Brooklyn Nissan 370z | Fast and Stylish

Brooklyn Nissan370-z

There's no other state that is as well-known for its speed like New York. Anyone who has ever been here knows the "New York Minute" is not just a saying. The streets of this city belong to everyone, but if you want to own the road, you'll need a new Nissan car to do so. This is where the 2014 Nissan 370z Coupe comes in.

Fast and...

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Redesigned Inside and Out!

2015 Altima | Brooklyn Nissan Dealer

Jackson Heights Nissan Altima

Your family is more important to you than anything. You want to make sure they're safe, comfortable, and that you can get them to any recitals or baseball games on time. But you're not only family-oriented, as a New Yorker, you never scrimp on style and taste. That's where the new 2015 Nissan Altima...

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Koeppel Charity Trip

Koeppel Gives Back | New York Nissan Dealer

Queens Nissan Dealer

From the busy streets of New York to the sunny shores of Montego Bay, Jamaica, Koeppel Nissan is proud to be a part of making the charity trip for 32 members the Lions and Leos Clubs of district 20-K1 possible. The group left the Long Island area, arriving in Jamaica on July 14, and was hosted by sub-district 60B of the Lions and Leos Clubs, ready for a?

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The 2015 New Nissan Murano

2015 Nissan Murano | New York Dealership

The 2015 Nissan Murano is once again redefining the category and has been since its introduction back in 2002. This all new edition is the ultimate combination of style, performance, and space. It has been a leader in the crossover class and the 2015 Murano will become the new definition of a crossover. No matter where you are in New York discover why this redesigned crossover will continue to be a class?

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"A" BBB Rating

There has always been a certain image of car dealerships that doesn't really settle well for our industry. It is hard to convince a large crowd that not all car dealers fit that reputation. So dealerships like Koeppel Nissan in Queens New York cooperate with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that our Nissan car dealership is reputable. Even if we can't convince a large crowd at once, we strive to pass our…

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Koeppel finished December and 2013 on top!

Koeppel Nissan is proud to announce it finished the month of December as #1 in District 3 with 184 sales, #76 in the Nation and #11 in the Northeast Region!

For 2013, Koeppel Nissan finished #1 in District 3 with 2,373 sales, #35 in the Nation and #8 in the Northeast Region!

Source: Nissan North America, Inc., District 3 - New York City.
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The New Pathfinder Hybrid

There seems to be a love hate relationship between New York drivers and their SUV's. Our busy lives entail baseball, hockey and football gear and the extremely large volcano that is destined to win the science fair. We almost forgot the in-laws are coming from Queens for dinner so we need to make an extra trip to the grocery store after picking up Bobby from practice. We love our SUVs...

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